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Revelation Online

MH or ToP Trials

There seems to be too much debate lately regarding on what to do. I am now here to shed some light on this topic. Below does not take into account of exp buffs, aptitude or what not. It is PURELY base exp. At level 79: 16 waves of Misty Hollow: 119951、121750、127105、128956、132636、136368、138271、142081、144010、147898、149852、151807、153761、155716、157671、159625。 Total:2267458 xp Top:  372554、186277 (adds of raccoon)、390949、404198、423344、437129、 Total:… read more »

[NA2] Rain is full, apply to the alliance

Rain is currently full and cannot accept any more players, please, join our two other allied guilds. Storm (There is still slots) Snow (There is still slots) Use the alliance chat as main chat (/L) We are playing at NA2 – Snowpine. See you there 🙂

2/26/2017 Update

Hey Everyone, We have updated our website with a bunch of new guides for everyone to check out including the long anticipated Mentoring guide. http://rainguild.net/guide-to-mentoring-mentees/ We have also updated a lot of our old guides as well so please check them out for new information. We hope to see everyone in Revelation Online soon. Until… read more »

Rain Server Announcement

Hello everyone, this will be a short post regarding which server Rain picked. We will be going for NA2 – Snowpine. Join us if you would like too. Even though we changed the guild on forums from Public to Closed (by applications), we are still recruiting people for headstart and OBT. Join us at discord Regards, Rain Guild

Q&A Regarding Guild Alliances

Recently, we been asked a lot of questions regarding guild alliance so we decided to compile a list of the most commonly asked questions and the answers to them. What are Alliances? Alliances as the name applies is joint collaboration between guilds for mutual benefits. Alliances only come into effect during Territory Wars. Max number… read more »

Territory Names

Because the names of Lands are long and sometimes confusing, we decided to come up with some easy names for everyone in the guild to remember them by. Please make sure to memorize all these names before Territory War starts to ease communications. BLT (Bottom Left Turf) Iron Fortress BoxBox Fire (Magma Left) Ice (Frost… read more »