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25x CBT3 key giveaway + Explorer Pack Winners Annouced

Sorry for the delay. I forgot to edit this post after sending out the keys. 25x key winners: Jack.F piwon Luxiq reddom*** theplayer*** Kristopher.L Andrew.P Douglass.L SubHD Ahdanessa Serena.R Filipi.R Knight Codesterz Shomya Riko.S Jazz.J Gabriel.M eeeb Jonathan.A Signant serhattolga2 Wudi Zulkifli.Z Cybear   Explorer Pack Winner: Pabulo.B   We’ll be giving out 25x CBT3… read more »

CBT 3 Guild Recruitment

We’re currently looking for active players for CBT 3. We’re currently in NA Server 1. Any level is welcome as long as you are active. As this is CBT, we’ll be focusing more on testing the game and especially the guild function. We also plan on testing Grand Bulwark and Mecha Citadel. If your guild… read more »

Pack Update & Buying More Packs

Hey everyone, as you all know that recently the packs were updated giving all players who bought founder an deluxe packs the Blazing Sky wing and Imperial Aries mount (both god ranks) which are vastly superior than the original Seraphim wings and Golden War Horse mount (both blue rank). With the update, players are also… read more »