About us

Hey everyone, Rain here. We are a guild that focusing on Revelation Online on the North American server and we are hardcore farmers, with that said, we are currently recruiting very active/hardcore players (you can be casual as long u farm gold) who are interested grinding and farming for OBT. Our goal is to become one of the richest guilds in Revelations by grinding/farming gold (and with that we can get easily to rank 1). We plan to use our gold for cosmetics and end game only. Please help us get ever richer, one player at a time, to our goal so that we may show off our bling bling.

We will be adding future content and updating the current ones as time pass by.


Contact Info

email: riesa@rainguild.net

youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqhPlgNM-k-0RFd0pCefl3Q