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Revelation Online Rain Status Updates

Hello everyone, I hope everyone enjoyed their CBT 3. As CBT 3 has come to an end, I want everyone to join our discord (click here) and stay in contact with us so we can join the same server. Also look forward to the name reservation announcement that is coming out soon. I wish everyone… read more »

CBT 3 Guild Recruitment

We’re currently looking for active players for CBT 3. We’re currently in NA Server 1. Any level is welcome as long as you are active. As this is CBT, we’ll be focusing more on testing the game and especially the guild function. We also plan on testing Grand Bulwark and Mecha Citadel. If your guild… read more »

Pack Update & Buying More Packs

Hey everyone, as you all know that recently the packs were updated giving all players who bought founder an deluxe packs the Blazing Sky wing and Imperial Aries mount (both god ranks) which are vastly superior than the original Seraphim wings and Golden War Horse mount (both blue rank). With the update, players are also… read more »

CBT2 Date Announced and Guild Recruitment

Revelation Online CBT2 will be taking place from December 20th to January 3rd, 12:00 CET (3am PST)! We are currently recruiting very active/hardcore players (you can be casual as long u farm gold) who are interested grinding and farming for OBT. Our goal is to become one of the richest guilds in Revelation NA by… read more »

Database Update Note – 12/17/2016

Hello everyone, Riesa here, just updating you guys on what we are doing on the site. Firstly i apologize for not being able to update the vanguard AND the blademaster gold weapons yesterday (could only do the vanguard) due to personal reason and work. Anyway, without further ado, here is what we done and what… read more »

Database Update Notes – 12/15/2016

Hello everyone, thanks for checking out our page, we are really happy and really appreciate that MY.COM included our database on the founder packs update. We’ve been working hard to bring you guys accurate information through a visually good layout, similar to the game (except we customized it a little bit :P) Here is today’s… read more »

Database Update Notes – 12/14/2016

Hello farmers, We have finished the swordmage and spiritshaper weapon database section. Please keep in mind that these items are what’s currently available in our current version. We’ll update the items as Revelation Online gets updated.   P.S. Subscribe to our Youtube Channel! We will be posting guides once CBT2/3 and OBT starts, aswell as… read more »

Database Update Notes – 12/07/2016

Hello everyone, Revelation Online Mounts Database is now completed. Click here. We will now finish up on swordmage weapons next. Regards, Aretha

Database Update Notes – 12/06/2016

Hello everybody, the wings database is now completed. Click here  to check it out. We’ll be working on the mounts page. please look forward to it soon. Regards, Aretha

Current Status and Updates

We have put equipment database on hold in favor of Wings and Mounts database. Please look forward to them.