Fort Whetstone

One of the 3 major cities on Nuanor that is built ontop of a mountain. As the name implies, Fort Whetstone is a city military personnel including those  from Imperial Court and Guardian Order. It can be consider as the Warring City to many in the game. It located on the leftmost topside of the map… read more »

Revelation Online Easter

Since not every one know about this, we’ll do the job of introducing Easter Event. This event lasts April 14th to April 20th. Daily is repeatable twice a day. For more details visit http://rainguild.net/easter-event/

[NEW STARDUST UPDATE] Faerie Funland and Starshatter Island

Hello everyone, with this new awesome update, we prepared the guides for both of them. They are already in the menu bar but you can check them by clicking Here (Funland) and Here (Starshatter)   Stay tunned for updates and more guides 🙂

MH or ToP Trials

There seems to be too much debate lately regarding on what to do. I am now here to shed some light on this topic. Below does not take into account of exp buffs, aptitude or what not. It is PURELY base exp. At level 79: 16 waves of Misty Hollow: 119951、121750、127105、128956、132636、136368、138271、142081、144010、147898、149852、151807、153761、155716、157671、159625。 Total:2267458 xp Top:  372554、186277 (adds of raccoon)、390949、404198、423344、437129、 Total:… read more »

[NA2] Rain is full, apply to the alliance

Rain is currently full and cannot accept any more players, please, join our two other allied guilds. Storm (There is still slots) Snow (There is still slots) Use the alliance chat as main chat (/L) We are playing at NA2 – Snowpine. See you there 🙂

2/26/2017 Update

Hey Everyone, We have updated our website with a bunch of new guides for everyone to check out including the long anticipated Mentoring guide. http://rainguild.net/guide-to-mentoring-mentees/ We have also updated a lot of our old guides as well so please check them out for new information. We hope to see everyone in Revelation Online soon. Until… read more »

Rain Server Announcement

Hello everyone, this will be a short post regarding which server Rain picked. We will be going for NA2 – Snowpine. Join us if you would like too. Even though we changed the guild on forums from Public to Closed (by applications), we are still recruiting people for headstart and OBT. Join us at discord Regards, Rain Guild

Q&A Regarding Guild Alliances

Recently, we been asked a lot of questions regarding guild alliance so we decided to compile a list of the most commonly asked questions and the answers to them. What are Alliances? Alliances as the name applies is joint collaboration between guilds for mutual benefits. Alliances only come into effect during Territory Wars. Max number… read more »

Rain OBT Recruitment Post

Hello everyone, did you manage to reserve your nickname for OBT? Rain is recruiting active and dedicated players for OBT, we are seeking to enhance our game experience by interacting with more people and doing end-game content with them. The results for CBT3 territory wars and rankings were pretty satisfying, we want to keep this… read more »