Territory Names

Because the names of Lands are long and sometimes confusing, we decided to come up with some easy names for everyone in the guild to remember them by. Please make sure to memorize all these names before Territory War starts to ease communications. BLT (Bottom Left Turf) Iron Fortress BoxBox Fire (Magma Left) Ice (Frost… read more »


WINNERS ANNOUCEMENT Hello everyone, here are the winners. thanks for participation, see you ingame 🙂 CBT3 Keys Winners Bakamini NeraAnima Josh Young Niko Digiacomo Eetu pulkkinen ismail sahiner Noemi Horvath Alex Vintu Jakub HoĹ‚ek Noobsloth Burak Yandanyandan Rhynta Atnyhr Samuel Stanley Helen Wu Johnny Boewn Craig Peters MĂĽller Norbert Julie Chabrun akunab Henrique isa kadriu… read more »

CBT 3 Guild Recruitment

We’re currently looking for active players for CBT 3. We’re currently in NA Server 1. Any level is welcome as long as you are active. As this is CBT, we’ll be focusing more on testing the game and especially the guild function. We also plan on testing Grand Bulwark and Mecha Citadel. If your guild… read more »

Revelation Online 10 CBT2 keys giveaway

First come first serve basis. Complete the forms below and get your keys! Also check out the official site for news and updates. Or you can purchase a founder pack here. Edit: all keys are given out come  back for future events   Revelation Online CBT2 key giveaway

Character Preset

Download Here <–Right click “save link as”  

Character Preset

Download Here <–Right click “save link as”

Database Update Note – 12/17/2016

Hello everyone, Riesa here, just updating you guys on what we are doing on the site. Firstly i apologize for not being able to update the vanguard AND the blademaster gold weapons yesterday (could only do the vanguard) due to personal reason and work. Anyway, without further ado, here is what we done and what… read more »

Featured Weekly Revelation Online Cosplay

Hello everyone, we will be posting revelation cosplays every week, if you have a friend or know someone that likes doing cosplay, we will gladly put you on the weekly posts 🙂 For the first cosplays, we will be displaying NetEase original cosplay shooting, for the next ones, make sure you submit your cosplay by mailing it… read more »