Character Biography


Character biography is a system that allows the player to immerse into the backgrounds of various important npcs in game. It contains individual side stories of those npcs, allowing players to learn more about them.

Character biography contains main characters who traveled with the player, bosses, and phenomenal figures.

Currently only some characters biography have been released.

In the future, more characters will be added.


Access the character biography tab under at the player shortcut bar at the bottom.

Upon open, you will see 4 tabs [main character, boss, phenomenal figures, glossary]

Upon clicking on the npc cards, you will see a detailed window open. Giving you clues to unlocking the said specific profile. Clues on doing these sub missions, as well as other details.

On this window, it gives players “Clues.” Upon finishing clues, the bar will lit up (on the above picture, first task has 4 clues completed, and 5th clue not completed).

After completing all the clues, you will receive [奇谈会经略] which can be exchanged for other goodies.

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