Character Cultivation (Guild Passive)


Character Cultivation is a system that allows new players to get stronger by demonstrating their dedication towards their current guild, it is divided into 3 sections that gives different stats:

  • Life Force
  • Battlefield
  • Fire Plume

Unlocking Character Cultivation

To unlock your character cultivation, you will need to upgrade the Cultivation Space in the guild base by having the materials and funds necessary in order to do so. Not only that, but you will need more funds and materials to unlock the possibility of members to collect their character cultivation.


Everytime a player unlocks a new level, he will obtain 16 Rating of the current Cultivation (Ex: If you upgrade Life Force Cultivations, you will receive 16 Life Force Rating). Players can check their current amount by talking to the NPC and checking it at the top right


Players will need to meet these requirements in order to unlock other stuff:

  • Life Force: Character Path: Wanderer | Character Level 49
  • Battlefield: Character Path: Adventurer | Life Force Rating (Cultivation) 2080 required
  • Fire Plume: Character Path: Adventurer | Battlefield Rating (Cultivation) 2800 required

Required Materials

Players will exchange Excelsion, Fealty and Plumblossom Fruit for Character Cultivation. The amount you need will get higher the further you upgrade.

Plumblossom Fruit

You can obtain Plumblossom Fruit through 3 methods.

Tavern Shop

Closest and best one for quick Plumblossom Fruits, each Plumblossom costs 6 fealty. You can buy unlimited Fruits as long as you have enough fealty to do so.

Noble Treasure

You can get more Fruits at the Noble Treasure Vendor, located at the closest structure on the right (if you open the minimap). Players can buy 10 fruits for 6 fealty each in the Superior tab. Once you buy all Fruits; you will need to roll again, which costs you 12 fealty (price increases each time you re-roll the tab).

Pirate Chest

You have a chance of getting a Pirate Chest from the Guild Quest – Fishing Basket, it will require 2 players to open and they can reward you with a small amount of Plumblossom Fruits.


Life Force (Max at 100)

  • Physical Armor (+4 per level)
  • Magic Armor (+4 per level)
  • Max HP (+16 per level)
  • Max Mana (+16 per level)
  • Physical Damage (+1 per level)
  • Magic Damage (+1 per level)
  • Additional Healing (+1 per level)

Battlefield (Max at 70)

  • Physical Defense Break (+2 per level)
  • Magic Defense Break (+2 per level)
  • Hit (+2 per level)
  • Dodge (+2 per level)
  • Crit (+2 per level)
  • Parry (+2 per level)

Fire Plume (Max at 20)

  • Spell Resist (+2 per level)
  • Demon Break (+2 per level)
  • Defense Essence (+2 per level)
  • Break Essence (+2 per level)