Character Path Enlightenment


Character Paths are unavoidable for players that want to reach the top. Not only do they provide additional stats, they also increase the amount of Skill Cultivation your character can learn, which is extremely useful.

They are divided into:

  • Novitiate
  • Journeyman
  • Wanderer
  • Adventurer
  • Intrepid
  • Conqueror

How to unlock paths

Players can see their next path requirements by clicking C – Path. After they meet all the criteria, it should look like this:

Before unlocking the new path, it will ask for an Elemental Essence. They can be obtained by doing the respective path quest, which is under the Practice and Growth quest tab (orange colored quests).

After you unlock the new path, you should obtain a metal plated card (notification that you unlocked the new path) and an achievement.


The requirements of each path can be divided into:

  • Reach X Character Level
  • Learn X Flying Skills
  • Activate X Skill Points
  • Earn X Skill Cultivation Points
  • Learn X Skill Cultivation Books
  • Channel Dao for X Special Skills
  • Upgrade X Special Skills to Level X

Character Level

Players need to reach respective levels before changing Paths, here are the level requirements:

  • Level 29 [Novitiate]
  • Level 39 [Journeyman]
  • Level 49 [Wanderer]
  • Level 59 [Adventurer]
  • Level 69 [Interprid]
  • Level 79 [Conqueror]

For more information on how to level up effectively, check out this guide

Flying Skills

Players will need to learn at least 1 basic flying skill (1 star) and 1 advanced flying skill (3 star). They can be obtained from the Imperial Society Bookseller [Sidus Ur (1575, 1573, 183)].

To buy one of the flying skill books; you will need Army Coins, Special Skill – Broken Seal and PvP Rank.

NOTE: You acquire 2 free 1-star flying skills from the Progress and Growth quests line, but you can still buy from the NPC.

Players can check their Rank under C – Rank

Skill Points

Under the Skill Window, players will need to upgrade skills in order to meet the requirements. Upgrading a skill requires Skill Points and Gyth Notes.

Points explanation: Available Points / Points used / Maximum points at current level

Skill Cultivation Points

Players will need to unlock a certain amount of skill cultivation points; they are increased by level and directly affected by the Character Path. They cost Excelsior and Gyth Notes to learn.

NOTE: Players can use EXPERIENCE and Gythil if they don’t have the amount required for next level.


Skill Cultivation Books

Players will need to unlock a certain amount of skill cultivation by using a book that can be bought by exchanging their Annex Benediction at their respective class Skill Trainer (All classes Skill Trainers are in the same location)  [Sidus Ur | 1618, 1288, 91].

For lesser cultivation books, the player will spend 8 Annex Benediction. For advanced cultivation books, it will require huge amounts.

Special Skills

Players will need to level special skills to a certain level as well of cultivating the Dao Tree on some skills as a requirement. The player can use items in order to level their special skills faster, these items are Daos and Sigils.



Used to enhance effects on the player’s special skills. There are 3 types of Daos:

  • Sidus Dao [Level 1 Enlightenment]
  • Demonic Daoist Star [Level 2 Enlightenment]
  • Divine Phantom Daoist Star [Level 3 Enlightenment]

The amount required for each skill depends on the skill grade (1 star skills require less than 3 star skills).


They can be bought from Raccoon Shop (Curious Shop) [Sulan Bridge | 5478, -1983, 9] and RO Shop (Cash Shop)



Used to unlock one of the Paths on the Dao Tree (Special Skill Detail) faster.

There are also 3 types of Sigils:

  • Hidden Star Sigil [1-2 star skills only]
  • Demon Slayer Sigil [2-3 star skills only]
  • Divine Phantom Sigil [3 star skills only]


For every Special Skill, there is an Enlightenment and Path (Dao Tree). Enlightenment can only be used if the player unlocks the Dao Tree Path.

Dao Tree

The Dao Tree Paths are directly related to the Character Path (Ctrl+”C” → Path tab). There is currently 10 Paths (Dao Tree). Check the image below:


On the image you can notice 4 different Paths (checked with different color squares) from bottom to the top:

  • [Blue Square Marked] Path 1: Path is available already unlocked and enlightened
  • [Orange Square Marked] Path 2: Path is available and already unlocked but needs enlightenment
  • [Red Square Marked] Path 3: Path is available and still in the unlocking process (57% | 570/1000). To completely unlock, the player must complete the tasks listed in “Unlocking new cell” or use Sigils.
  • [Green Square Marked] Path 4: Path is available but it is not unlocked yet. (Player needs to complete the first ones in order to start unlocking the next ones)
  • [White/Light Blue Square Marked] Path 5: Path is unavailable.

There are 4 different enlightenment with different effects from each other.

The player can choose whichever enlightenment they prefer for each special skill.

NOTE: Player can freely reform the special skill’s enlightenment by clicking on Reform Dao.

NOTE 2: You can also return all Daos invested in your Dao Tree by clicking on Return Scroll, but you will need another scroll (Hidden Star Removal Sigils, Demonslaying Removal Sigils, Divine Phantom Removal Sigils) which can be obtained from the Imperial City Advanced Grocer Borfen Non (Sidur UR | 1575, 1563, 183).