Character Presets

In Revelation Online, you can save your characters into an xml file. These files will store the presets of your character. You can use these files during character creation.

To download, right click on the download link and “save link as…”.  You can also directly open the link and right click “save as” on the xml page.

Store the xml file at C:\MyGames\Revelation Online\game\avatar  [this is the default path. otherwise put it at \game\avatar].


Once you have done that, during character creation, look for the load button. You can also save your character using the save button.

Note: some users have trouble loading presets due to saving the xml name in a language other than English. Some of the xml uploaded will have default Chinese or symbols in the name, if you don’t change the name, the game will not load the preset. 

If you wish to submit your character presets and share with the community please email:

with your xml files and picture(s) of the character.


We’ll be adding new presets as time goes on. Check back regularly for any new presets. 

NOTE: We’ll be doing daily featured presets. These posts are automatically scheduled for release everyday at 3 am EST. However, we’ll preview what they look like here. So if you encountered “page not found” check back again during reset.

NOTE: If you want to see the scheduled presets immediately please register an account at our website and request for access by commenting below. 

Click on the images below:

Female Type 2 (Loli)












Female Type 3




















Female Type 5






Male Type 3










Male Type 4







Male Type 5




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