Database Update Note – 12/17/2016

Hello everyone, Riesa here, just updating you guys on what we are doing on the site.

Firstly i apologize for not being able to update the vanguard AND the blademaster gold weapons yesterday (could only do the vanguard) due to personal reason and work. Anyway, without further ado, here is what we done and what we are going to do in the next days :

Database Updates

  • Vanguard Gold Weapon Database [FINISHED]
  • Blademaster Gold Weapon Database [FINISHED]

Future Updates

  • Add Cat Exclusive Founder Mount stats to flying mount
  • Gold Equipment for all classes (will take a while)
  • Character Presets

Everytime we update stuff we will be telling you guys, make sure to check the database regularly 🙂

Check our youtube channel by clicking here and subscribe, we will be adding content during CBT2 and onwards!

Make sure to to visit for Revelation NA/EU version and support the game and developers.


Have a nice week,

Riesa 🙂


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