Database Update Notes – 12/15/2016

Hello everyone, thanks for checking out our page, we are really happy and really appreciate that MY.COM included our database on the founder packs update. We’ve been working hard to bring you guys accurate information through a visually good layout, similar to the game (except we customized it a little bit :P)

Here is today’s Update Notes (It will be edited later after I finish the other pages, its 7AM here and I need to sleep >.<)

Recent Database Updates

  • Included the new founder wings and mount description to the database
  • Fixed a grammar error on Swordmaster Gold Weapons Database
  • Added Occultist Gold Weapons Database [FINISHED]
  • Added Gunslinger Gold Weapons Database [FINISHED]
  • Added Vanguard Gold Weapons Database [RAW]

Upcoming Updates (For Today)

  • Fix grammar error on the remaining Gold Weapons Databases and the upcoming ones
  • Finish Vanguard Gold Weapons Database
  • Finish Blademaster Gold Weapons Database
  • Add exclusive founder pack mount (5-man cat) to the database without stats (still a mystery for us)

Upcoming Updates (For Next Week)

  • Add a table with all golden equipment prefixes for all classes (similar to wing’s and mount’s table)
  • Add all classes Gold Armor Database

Thanks for tuning in and make sure you guys share the wiki with your friends! The wiki is fresh (created some weeks ago) and we are accepting suggestions for the upcoming content once we finish all gold equipment for all classes, if you want us to write a guide/database about something, comment down below and we will add that to our priority list 🙂

Also make sure to visit our youtube channel by clicking here, just like the page, it’s fresh and new, but we plan to add teasers and gameplay once we get into CBT2 and onwards.

Since it’s almost Christmas; we uploaded a christmas teaser made by NetEase for the Chinese Server (yes, Chinese, not NA/EU) and it’s really cute and well made, check it out!

We will be updating you guys whenever we change something on the database.

Ah, don’t forget to visit for Revelation NA/EU version and support the game and developers.

Have a nice week,


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