Fishing Competition

Preparing for Fishing Competition

Getting started with fishing

Before you start, it is highly recommended to have a fishing level of 16+, so you can catch all the possible fishes available in fishing competition.

To get started in fishing, look for a fishing npc merchant. you can find one at event tide (south of sulan).


You need to have a fishing hook, float, hook, and bait before you can start fishing.


Once you get all the items ready, head over to a pool of water that have fish available in it. Beginner fisherman can set automatic fishing. However, intermediate and above fisherman need to use manual fishing to catch higher rank fish.

Once you locate the pool of fish, you can click on it and a prompt asking you to use the bait will appear.

Landing the Hook

For automatic fishing you will get a floating bar once you started. The bar will move back and froth. Whichever the bar lands is your “meter.” The higher rank the fish is, the higher the requirement of “meter”

Should a player not satisfy with the landed “meter,” he can cancel it by moving his character. System will only use the bait after 5 seconds.

Once you caught a fish, you will get a notification telling you to press F. If you do not press F in time, or your  fishing stats are too low, you will fail.

If you press F in time and have the required fishing stats, you will successfully catch the fish.

Fish Battle

Higher rank fishes usually will enter life and death struggle with the player even after player successfully hook the fish. In this case you will enter a mini game with the said fish.

This is a mini-game where players must press A and D to land into the center.



Requirement: level40+ players

Time:  Thursday and Sunday: 18:30-19:20. Open the event UI to register [either U or O button]. Players can also register at fishing npcs at the main cities [sulan, sidus ur, etc].

At 19:00, the fishing competition will start at Fishing Island, locate the registration npc to be teleported to the island.


During the event, points will be awarded depending on the fish that players caught.

Baby Fish: 1 point


Little Fish: 4 point


Huge Fish: 7 point


Mysterious Fish : random effects [20 points, +10 meter range, +100 sensitivity, or +100 occlusion] note: extremely rare


[NOTE: Automatic fishing mode will only catch baby fish. The other 3 fish must be caught using the manual option.]

Rank and Rewards

Top 100 players will receive ranking rewards.



Once a player obtain 30 points, they will receive fishing participation reward that contains: experience, 1 treasure chest, and 3 fishing book

Players also also receive additional reward at the following point tiers: