Fort Whetstone

One of the 3 major cities on Nuanor that is built ontop of a mountain. As the name implies, Fort Whetstone is a city military personnel including those  from Imperial Court and Guardian Order. It can be consider as the Warring City to many in the game. It located on the leftmost topside of the map right above Kartswald.

The Guardian Order/Forest Guards

Just what is the purpose of the renowned Guardian Order in Fort Whetstone, no body really knows except for the people in question. At first all seem usual, but dig deeper into the main story and you shall find what lies below the cover.

Rumors has it that they have been conducting horrific and inhumane research on humans and animals. Just what are the purposes of these researches and what has caused the Guardian Order to start conducting them? Or rather who is orchestrating all of this?

Imperial Soldiers

Fort Whetstone is armed with imperial soldiers and ballistic weapons ready to fend off the pesky Northern Wolf Tribe invaders who are keen on bringing ruin to the city.

War Council Room

Here royal court plans out their attack against the Northern Wolf Tribe. Some also believe here lies hidden some very important ancient text that could change the fate of Naunor.

Storyteller Society Shop

This the npc you need to go to buy items using the Story Points you accumulated over the course of the game from watching cutscenes and story animations. He sells some pretty cute head accessory for those decided to watch through all the awesome ingame cutscenes.

Fort Whetstone Favor

Players will mainly earn faction favor with Fort Whetstone by running Grand  Bulwark dungeon/raid by killing the mobs, bosses within the dungeon as well using the items that drops inside.

Once players earn enough favor with the Fort Whetstone, they will be able to purchase some cool-looking cosmetics.


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