Gear Progression Guide


This guide will cover the most efficient method to gear up to level 79; this is the most simple guide on how to get geared and not fall behind during the later stages of the game.

It’s highly recommended that you should, at least, know the basics of the game before continuing on with this. For more information please take a look at our General Knowledge guide.

First Week Daily Login

During the first week after your character creation, you will automatically get a Gold Rank Offhand Weapon on the 3rd day. DO NOT MISS IT, make sure to login everyday. Not only that, on the 7th day you will receive a 3-star skill that will help you tremendously later on.

Level 1 – 39

Nothing special during the early stage; at this point you should worry about leveling instead of equipment since the content is not that challenging, but that does not mean you shouldn’t loot any gear. During your dungeon run, you will run across Blue/Purple equipment. Don’t think twice, roll for every equipment you can use. They will help you considerably later on.

NOTE: You can get your first gold weapon as a reward from one of the orange quests during your leveling process (Level 37 to be exact), this weapon will help you a lot for future content.

Level 40 – 49

Dungeons will start to be more challenging from now on (especially Desert Shrine Expert Mode) and you will not level as fast as before. You should focus on getting all gear at least purple, which is not that difficult.

NOTE: You should not worry about Desert Shrine Expert since it’s 3 runs per week (unless you get level 45 on Saturday for example), focus on gearing/leveling first.

I will list places where you can get purple equipment below:

Scour Dungeons

This is probably the easiest place to get purple gear, all you need to do is kill mobs in the Scour Dungeon (Ctrl + U or just U for window shortcut). Scour Dungeon is a daily that you need to kill 200 – 380+ monsters (depending on how far you upgraded your Life Tree) and not only does it give a lot of experience; it can also drop Enhancement Materials, Blue/Purple Gear, Hematites and Sidus Daos (used for special skills). The best option here is to run with a group of friends to kill the mobs as fast as you can and distribute the loot according to class or need (time is important!).

Misty Hollow Hard (Level 45+)

This is also a good place to get some purple equipment, after every boss wave there is a chance of getting some purple equipment. Even though this is harder than Scour Dungeons, it’s not something challenging, as long as you have a healer and enter as 5 people you should be fine.

MH Hard also provides you Nyx Treasures, use it to receive level 49 materials or maps that may have full equipment as well!

NOTE: There are different types of Nyx Treasures and you can only use 14 of them per week. The one you obtain in MH Hard is the most basic one (the same as 1-star shrine) and gives you the least amount of materials. It’s best to open 2-star or 3-star Nyx Treasures before opening the most basic one.

Guild Boss

If you did not have luck during your daily runs, you can resort to “Guild Bossing” (name we(Rain) personally came up with). Every hour, there will be a boss spawning in each of the Scour Dungeons. This is where you will find your first challenge if you are not ready. The boss hits hard and you need a decent amount of people to do them at this stage of the game. At this stage you should have a guild and ask them for help since it also drops guild resources.

For a more detailed guide visit our Guild Guide 

NOTE: You will notice that there will be some guilds doing the bosses as well (especially the first week). Since it’s a once a day thing, guilds will not farm this 24/7 because there are more important things to do.

Level 45 – 49

At this point you should have at least 80% of your gear purple along with the two golden weapons you receive (one from the first week daily login and another from the level 37 quest). You should refine every gear to +5 and your weapons to +9 (might not be possible at first week since you need 2 Red Phlogistons for each weapon). It will help you A LOT, especially on shrine expert mode.

NOTE: Don’t worry, you can transfer the enhancements from one equip to the other.

NOTE 2: For more information on Gear Enhancement, at the end of the guide there will be a Gear Enhancement guide. You can find it on the Table of Contents at the beginning of the guide or just scroll down until you can see it.

Once you’re done with all of your gear enhancements, you should be ready to begin your adventure on Desert Shrine Expert Mode. This is the first dungeon that you will spend hours on if you don’t know any of the bosses mechanics and you might even lose your temper or rage quit during the process. To avoid that, we’ve prepared a detailed guide that you can look up by clicking >>HERE<<

For the first run, I advise starting on 3-star for the first 2 bosses (or until you guys notice you cant kill the boss by any means). The first 2 bosses should be doable on 3-stars if you know the mechanics and if you have decent heals. At the 3rd boss I suggest lowering the difficulty to 2-stars (only for the first run). After you complete the run, your party should be able to craft 1-3 accessories. Spend 30 minutes crafting accessories and after everyone is ready, they should be able to complete 3rd boss in 3-star.

You should remain at level 49 until you craft at least 80% of your gear including weapons (around 4-6 3star runs, depending on your luck) or it will be extremely difficult to find a party for level 50-59 content.

Level 50 – 59

At this stage you will unlock Grand Bulwark, you should pay attention on every boss mechanics specially on hard mode, that way you will know what to expect during the Expert Runs. Using the same strategy on Shrine, you should be able to complete your gear within 2-4 weeks at most. after that you are ready for level 69.

NOTE: During the gearing process, you might find some purple accessory that is probally better than yours, feel free to take it and replace it.

You should have some experience on Grand Bulwark during your Daily Token (Demonslayer) quests, the difficulty is way more challenging than shrine, but it’s not something impossible, make sure to pay attention specially to boss animations and ranges, if you do that you should be fine.

For this cap your gear should be at least full golden +9.

Level 60 – 69

Things are going to slow down from now on, differently from other caps, you will remain 69 for a long time (months), take your time to gear and farm materials, you will need it later on.

At level 60 you will unlock Mecha Citadel (or Machinarium) and that’s where you will farm your gold equipment. Similar to Grand Bulwark, Mech Citadel are one of the maps for Daily Token aswell and you probally already did it multiple times, even though you are familiar with the map, the bosses on Expert Mode will show you different mechanics that will surprise you.

You should remain level 69 until you have all your gear +13 and enough savings for level 79 gear (yes, you need alot).

NOTE: If you are a casual player, don’t expect to advance to Level 70 anytime soon, if you do, you will instantly regret it and might even quit the game.

Level 70 – 79

NOTE: There won’t be level 79 cap for a long time in NA servers. Don’t expect to rush it anytime soon.

If you reach this stage of the game, congratulations, you are either a super-hardcore player or a super-pay-to-win player (if you are “casual” yet you reach level 70 withing a couple months, i suggest you to make another character).

At level 70 you unlock Sword Sect, which is yet another dungeon to farm your gear, you should again, spend your weekly entries trying to farm your gear and once you ran out of entries, you should focus on farming enhancement materials (since you reached maxed cap, you might aswell upgrade to +16).

That’s it for now, edits might be made during CBT3 and OBT along with dungeon guides to facilitate your dungeon adventure.

Gear Enhancement / Refinement

There is alot of ways to get stronger in Revelation Online, one of them is Gear Enhancement, which can boost your damage considerably the higher you enhance. You will use this feature a lot specially when changing character level caps.

Besides Awakening your Gold Equipment, you will also be able to enhance them (adding + on to them). The max number of times a Gold Equipment can be enhanced (+ #) depends on the Gear level.

  • All Gold Equip up to level 49 can be enhanced up to +10.

Gear enhancement generally gives a Gear one stat (HP, Attack, Armor, Defense) depending on the Equipment Slot as well as the Class it belongs to.

  • Armor + Necklace : Max HP
  • Weapons (Mainhand + Offhand): Magic or Physical Attack (depending on the Weapon)
  • Earrings + Rings: Physical/Magic Armor

You will have the option to transfer the enhancement level to a different piece of equipment or when you craft a higher tier of the corresponding Gold Equipment slot using the Gold Equipment with the enhancement levels.

To enhance an Equipment you can do it by locating the Gear Refinement NPC located in any of the major cities.

For enhancement levels, there will be a range of  % increase of a stat you can gain at each enhancement  level. For example, at +10 there will be a greater % stat gain range than at +1. What % stat gain from enhancing is random, but you can increase the number of material used for the enhancement to increase the odds of getting the max % stat at the enhancement level.

NOTE: You can re-roll the % stat you gain at an enhancement level by re-enhancing the enhancement level. Re-rolling this way will always give you the same or higher % of stat gain.

To enhance a Gear, you will need the required enhancement material listed on the enhancement screen. By simply using the required amount of enhancement materials, you will have a % chance of success to enhance a gear (yes, enhancement can FAIL). Failing will only lose the materials. To increase the chance of a successful enhancement, you can increase the number of materials used by pressing the + (100% if want a guarantee successful enhancement). Anything higher than 100% will increase the chances of getting a higher % stat gain on the enhancement level.

NOTE: The limit on using the enhancement materials is 8.

Materials for Refinement can be obtained from Sulan Bridge portal (5477, -1983, 9) Cita Ceres. Purchase Peculiar Tickets and exchange them into Curious Beads. This Raccoon only accepts Curious Beads and Augsyth points. Extra Curious beads can be used to decrease Augsyth points spent. f


    Materials Used and % Succcess  
Refinement Level Material 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 %


Level 1 Depleted Phlogiston

50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 2-4%
Level 2 34 68 102 136 170 204 238 272 2-4%
Level 3 25 50 75 100 125 150 175 200 2-5%
Level 4 17 34 51 68 85 102 119 136 2-5%
Level 5  Argent Phlogiston

50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 2-5%
Level 6 34 68 102 136 170 204 238 272 2-6%
Level 7 25 50 75 100 125 150 175 200 2-6%
Level 8 17 34 51 68 85 102 119 136 2-6%
Level 9  Red Phlogiston

50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 2-7%
Level 10 34 68 102 136 170 204 238 272 2-7%
Level 11 25 50 75 100 125 150 175 200  2-7%
Level 12 17 34 51 68 85 102 119 136  2-8%
Level 13  Azure   Phlogiston

50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400  2-8%
Level 14 34 68 102 136 170 204 238 272  2-8%
Level 15 25 50 75 100 125 150 175 200  2-9%
Level 16 17 34 51 68 85 102 119 136  2-9%

Cost of Refinement

Level 1-4: 15 Depleted

Level 5-8: 15 Argent

Level 9-12: 30 Argent

Level 13-16: 90 Argent

Hidden Stats


At enhancement levels +5, +9 and +13 , the Equipment will gain an additional stat. You see the additional stat by pressing the Shift Key and mousing over your gear. What type of stat you get from these are random and will come in 4 different grades: green, blue, purple, and gold.

NOTE: You can reroll on the hidden stat by using Venerate Renew option at the same NPC as enhancing. When you re-roll, you will have the option to keep the new stat or the old stat. Re-rolling will cost refinement materials.


Transferring Enhancement Levels


Like mentioned previously, you will have the option to transfer enhancement levels from one piece of gear to another (they don’t have to be the same kind). Hidden stats will also be transferred over if they can be applied to that particular Equipment Slot; otherwise a new stat will be re-rolled.

You can find the enhancement transfer on the 1st tab of the Equipment Upgrade interface.

NOTE: Transferring enhancement level overwrites the enhancement level of the receiving equipment, they DO NOT GET ADDED.

NOTE: At higher enhancement levels, there will be a chance the transfer could fail, resulting in the loss of +1 enhancement level. You will have the option to spend mats to repair the loss if a transfer fail happens.

Equipment Tier Beads / Awakening

To awaken a Gear (the bars underneath name of the Gear), you first must obtain a Gear with blacked out Awakening Bars. Generally, anything less than a Gold grade Gear will not have Awakening Bars. Every colored Awaken Bar will grant you a 5% stat inc. (20% if you Awaken all 4 bars).

To Awaken a Gear, all you need to do is kill a bunch of mobs that gives you exp. The fastest way to grind exp for your Awakening bars is do Scour Dungeons (the kill XXX number of mob daily).

After reaching at least 100% on the Awakening bar, a orange crown icon will appear on your screen indicating you can Awaken your Gear. When you are ready to Awaken your Gear, click on the icon or by pressing N.

Once you reach at least 100% exp, all you have to do it is feed it the required # of hematite and it will fill up the Awakening bar.

NOTE: You will need 7 Hematites to unlock the first 3 Awaken bars for all Gears up to level 49. The number of Hematite required for each Awakening bar will be double of the previous bar ( 1 Hematite for the 1st  bar, 2 for the 2nd  bar, and 4 for the 3rd bar).

Unlocking the 4th Awakening bar:

To unlock the 4th Awaken bar, you will need visit the Equipment Activation NPC located in every major city. Once you open up the interface, click on the 3rd tab. Unlocking the 4th Awakening bar will cost a lot of Curious Beads and Ausgyth Points.