Gear Score


Gear Score is a basic system, it consists of the score of your character’s current gear and it’s bonuses. It’s not as important as Might Score but it is one of the system that directly affects your might score.

How to improve Gear Score?

There is a lot of ways to boost your gear score:

Equipment Grade

Quality matters, here is no difference, the higher the quality, the better the score, the equipment has 5 different grades (from weaker to strongest)

  • White
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Gold

The higher the grade, the more stats and effects it will provide.

Equipment Enhancements

Gear Refinement can boost your damage considerably the higher you refine. You will use this feature a lot specially when changing character level caps. check


Equipment Marks

Socketing Mark gems on your equipment is a really good way to acquire better results on the battlefield, for more details, check

Equipment Tiers

There is a maximum of 4(four) awakening per equipment, they also provides different enhancements per awakening:

For more info check:


Talismans is a good way to boost your gearscore since it boosts your stats a lot. for more info, visit:


In Revelation Online, the badge slot are located right next to talisman slot under character window. Badges provide the player with amazing stat increases.

For more information, check: