[WINNERS ANNOUNCED] 10 Golden War Horses and 15 Exuberant Growth Service Giveaway – Rain

Hello everyone, rain is currently giving away 10 golden war horses and 15 exuberant growth services (30 days). The winners will be disclosed on 03/22 on this exact same page, there will be 25 winners and the prizes will be sent via email (the same you used on gleam.io) by one of the rain admins.

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Check your email (same email you used on gleam.io) for the keys 🙂

10 Golden War Horses

james carter
Ashwin Mahendran
mario jurado
Guilherme Almeida
Rhynta Atnyhr
Duke Mason
Mike Banh
Khemrey Altair
Wade Hulme

15 Exuberant Growth Services (30 Days)

Kevin Patino
Michelle Choo
Stephen Kerin
Kent Duong
Kallebe Muniz
Sagar D
Dane Bessette
Baran Özçalışkan
Nordin Al Khalfioui
Steve Romer
Annie Cheng
Nicholas Cheong


Golden War Horse:

Exuberant Growth Service Features:


Check below to enter the giveaway and good luck!

Rain Golden War Horses and Exuberant Growth Services Giveaway



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