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Revelation Online Guild Guide: Made by Rain Guild.

Guild Daily:

This is the most important daily in your guild base. It gives a ton of experience and also civilization pages for your guild. The first step of the daily will ask you to serve drinks to the npcs inside tavern, but make sure to also recommend the npc for an extra of 10 contribution points. To serve the drink you need to sit down into the chair and press serve. After that you get off the chair and talk to the npc to recommend him.


One of the quest rounds require you to get a Shiitake Tarts, you can buy this item at the npc next to the quest giver.

Rest of the quest is simple and direct just follow the marker. At the last round, you either need to lover’s lift (N–>expression emote), duel, or “trick” a guildmate. If you get “trick,” the item is at your inventory –>quest bag, you can use this item at the Fox Lady NPC, or on a guildmate.

Guild Bulletin:

There are 4 types of bulletins here.

Comfort NPC bulletin– This one can be done up to 3 times a day. this bulletin does not give experience, but it will decrease the fatigue of npcs. If npcs are fatigued they don’t work as well. You will receive a quest item from this quest. Open your inventory then go to QUEST tab and then right click the item while selecting the npc. You can usually find these npcs around the guild base, or try the NPC resident area.

Construction bulletin– each player can do these 4 times a day per building to help speed up the construction of a guild building. Only available if the guild is building something. This bulletin rewards blue book pages.

Exploration bulletin– each player can do these (3 or 4) times a day to help speed up the exploration of guild base. New guild bases needs to be explored before unlocking new land to build new buildings. Only available if the guild has an exploration job up. This quest rewards a good amount of experience along with blue book pages.

Guild Challenge bulletin– The quest you get from this is random and changes everyday. This one gives a lot more experience and pink book pages. This bulletin is a must do along with guild daily.

Guild Challenge Bulletin Quest guide:

Only selected guild challenge bulletin are covered due to the difficulty. Some are skipped because it is straightforward.

 Wolf Treasure:

Grab a guildmaet and have him lure the wolf away. Then you can get the chest and turn it in. Your guildie must be in same party as you otherwise he won’t see the wolves. If you start the quest before he’s in party, drop the quest and retake, so he can see the wolves. This quest is possible to solo, but it takes timing and some skills.

Defend Against Alien Dandan: puppy mode

You need to stand between 2 lanes and spam press 1. Do not stand on the lanes. Stand between the lanes so you can kill 2 lanes worth of egg. The 3 stars on the pictur eis where you should stand.


Get on the cannon and shoot the animals using 1, 2, 3 keys. 1 is short range, and 3 is long range. After you shot all the animals, press F8 to get out and turn in the quest. You have 5 minutes to complete the quest.

Nimble Fingers

You need to get 13/13 of fish. You start out with 3. To gain fish, you need to talk to the 3 raccoon npcs. First one gives the most fish. First chest will allow you to subtract 1 fish (in case you have more than 13 fish). The last chest will reset your fish count back to 3.

Suggestion: talk to each raccoon once, you should be done. If your over, use the subtract chest. If your under, talk to the 3rd raccoon again.

Catch the Frogs

Catch the frogs around the area. These frogs de-spawn. You have to capture the frogs right when they spawn. So press F immediately.

Tortuous Planner (Guild Treasure Hunt):

There is a blue quest chain located inside the guild base that will require you to obtain 3 items that you get from combing 9 items that you will get from chests that scatter all throughout guild base. Completion of the quest chain will grant the player a Title.

Below are the approximate coordinates where the chests could be found. You will need to look around for some of the chests as they are either well-hidden or underwater.

Guild Boss: 

Scour Dungeon spawns guild bosses every hour.

The purpose of these bosses to do complete the daily quest that gives Siderites, which is a guild resource that guilds need to level up.

To enter this area, you will need to buy a Master Token (cost 15k gythil). There is a npc that sells these tokens right outside of each scour dungeon entrance.


Once you bought the ticket, enter the portal. Second the 2nd option. It will ask for confirmation. Please note this ticket/pass will last for an entire day until reset at 5am.

Once you enter, look for the npc who have the quest. It is a Green quest.

Once you accept the quest, talk to the mirror/orb like thingy next to the npc. Press F to enter.

This portal opens at xx:00 until xx:10. This portal is only up for 10 minutes, or until boss is dead (which ever is sooner).

If the boss kills you, you can respawn outside, but make sure 10 minutes haven’t pass. Otherwise use “revival here” or wait for someone to revive you.

Once the boss is dead, you will be teleported out of this area in 2minutes. So make sure you pick up the loot boxes for your quest.

The loot boxes is free for all and drops about 15-20 of them. The chest contains the quest item you need to complete the quest.

Getting to Mecha or any other scour dungeon

Guild Benefits:

Noble Treasury: use guild contribution to purchase items from the guild. Items range from teleport resets, master tickets, guild related goods, exp items, buffs, and others. Higher level building will unlock more items for sale and better items

Cultivation Space: two npcs. 1 trains your stats. 1 trains your skills. Special Skill Instructor NPC will train your Ultimate skills (give it experience to level it up) once a day for a fee of 60 contribution points. The training progress is a 1hour buff.

NOTE: you need to manually level up ultimate skills, if you do not level up the skill, the buff still goes down, but you won’t get additional skill experience since your exp is maxed.

The stats npcs will give you various stats (picture below).

Training those stats require guild contribution and guild resources gained from doing guild dailies, bulletins, and noble treasury. Higher level building increase maximum trainable stat (members start with 0, until it is “trained/purchased” with guild contribution points). Higher level also unlocks more stat types from accuracy, crit, crit damage, crit def, player damage, monster damage, ect.

Tower of Loyalty: Talk to an npc to spin the wheel and gain buffs.

You can get 3 buffs initially. Higher level building will allow 5 buffs and also strong buff effects.

Buffs range from attack, defense, crit, evade, dodge. These buffs last until server reset (entire day) and cost guild contribution points to obtain. You can spin the wheel multiple times and change what buff you get from it.

Funland: Daily-weekly event. Triggered by guild officers. This building has multiple type of events. Ranging from exp event (similar to hot-spring) to boss battle (with loot)

Secondary Skills: Higher level guilds also unlock more secondary skills. Press N–>secondary to access your current skills. These skills include teleporting to home (sulan), teleport to guild base, teleport to npcs (shoe icon), and summoning party members. Higher level skills decrease the cooldown of these skills.

Stipend NPC: Guild leaders can also reward members by allocating them a “stipend.” The stipend can be gythils to aurum (cash shop currency). If you’re one of the hard working few who got awarded, head over to the stipend npc to collect your reward.


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