Guild Tournament


A tournament based content. The tournament will start within the server, and eventually enter the cross server stage. Top guilds will represent their own servers and fight against other servers.

30vs30 Area. Substitutes allowed (incase someone dced or quit)

Competition results are based on the hp of dragon ball of the respective guilds

Winner of the server will go on to fight against other server


  • Guild only event (alliance not included)
  • Every week the tournament will be ongoing across all servers.
  • The tournament is broken into monthly seasons and each month having 4 matches
  • Monday, Tuesday is for registration of tournament.
  • System will select the top 16 guilds into a tournament table for the first¬†round
  • The winner of the first round will be seeded, and system will choose 8 more guilds for round 2
  • Every week guilds are expected to register normally, if a seeded guild does not register, system will automatically add another guild
  • The tournament is broken into 2 groups: Azure Dragon (lv79 bracket), White Tiger (lv69 bracket)
  • White Tiger group is unlocked when the server have 1000 lv60 players. Azure dragon is unlocked when there is 1000 lv70 players
  • A guild can register for both groups
  • Once select, the guild leaders and officers can choose who to enter the tournament
  • Guild members be in the guild for more than 72hours to participate in the tournament
  • After the first tournament, system will ensure top 8 guilds will not meet each other in the first round
  • A maximum of 50 players can be queued into the battle, but only 30 players can be present in the battlefield
  • Guild managers can sub/swap members from the pool of 50 at anytime in the battle
  • Each guild will have their own dragonball column up in the air. Destroying enemy guild’s dragonball is the sole victory factor
  • In the event dragonballs are not destroyed, victory will be soled based on the difference of HP.
  • Kills and resource points are not used to determine the victor

Aerial and Ground Battle

Ground battle is responsible for battling over resource points for resources to craft air crafts. Air craft carriers are responsible for manvuearing the aircrafts to either defend their dragonball or destroy enemy dragonball.

Proper management and control of aircrafts is crucial to the war. These are not only used to destroy enemy dragonball, they can be used to clean up ground battle as well.

Guild leaders also need to make sure to swap and sub members as needed depending on the situation in the battlefield. Strategy is the key in this competition.

Because kills and resource points are not used to calculate victory, guild leaders must remember to pay attention to the dragonballs. The sole goal is to destroy enemy dragonball.

netease’s PR / promotion tournament website ¬†(current status)