After reaching level 49, players can buy their own private property to decorate, invite friends to and gain daily experience for their characters.

Head over to the tortoise inn to lease your own apartment. Talk to the raccoon inside to get started.


Each floor is instanced and have 9 rooms. Every room will have a nameplate designating the player in front. This means you will have up to 8 neighbors.

Players are free to customize their own apartment into a style that they like: elegant, colorful, or even traditional style.

Players can also give the key to five of their friends and they can port to the apartment from any location.

Some of the decorative belongings are interactive: sitting on the couch or in a chair, take a bath or try on a suit in the spacious closet.

Some interactivity will be available to the guests, but will only be fully unlocked to the player’s spouse.

Housing Event:

celebrating the introduction of housing system, players can receive gifts from npcs to help them get started with their own rooms


(sidus ur,1799,1510,231)

(fort whetstone,-2824,1080,241)

During this event, players can also purchase a special box from raccoons. Players can use 15k imperial notes to purchase a box that contain 100 VIP Coupons daily.

Apartment Sizes:

There are 3 sizes: small, medium, large. The larger the apartment room, the more expensive it is.

Medium and Large rooms require specific housing coupons. Small rooms will only cost imperial coins.





Upon purchasing the room, players can select the color of their doorplate.

Neighbor Rotation

Every week player’s neighbor will reset. Their rooms will randomly change to different floors. The inn has a total of 10 floors, and 9 rooms. This allows players to meet new friends every week.

Room Upgrades

If you purchase a small room, and found housing coupons down the route. You can talk to the raccoons in the inn for an upgrade using your housing coupon.

Sample Room Tours

On the second floor of the inn, there is a raccoon that can show players sample rooms that are created by Netease team.

Building Mode

Once you enter your room, there should be a floating bar on your screen. click on it to enter building mode. Furniture can be moved using Q E or the mouse wheel.

Return to Home (teleport)

Press N to open the secondary skill window.

Obtaining Furniture

Furniture can be obtained from the npcs in tortoise inn or be crafted using player’s life skills.

Furniture Un-Stuck

If players accidentally stack small objects within a large object, or got a furniture stuck into a wall. Press TAB to target the furniture and press DEL to remove the furniture

VIP Coupons

These coupons are the currencies need to trade with tortoise inn npcs for medium/large rooms and furniture. This can be tracked from C window with other types of special currencies. These coupons can be obtained from playing with the housing system. 100 daily coupons can be obtained while housing is event is on going (see above).


Married couples can use the same room. They will have unlimited restriction to object interaction. Guests will have some limitations with interaction with the room.

Wardrobe Room

There even exist a wardrobe room for players. This room is capable of storing and displaying all the cosmetics of players

Seaside Resort

Apartment is not your style?

Then head over to the seaside and purchase your own mini island and build your own resort.

To purchase the seaside resort, players need to do a special quest.

Head over to yokai (raccoon) bar (inn?) to talk to 龙芊 for the quest. 

To get the god of dragon’s wood player need to achieve lv4 richness.

To get god’s crystal, you can obtain it from 龙芊’s gift box. She is at floor 1 of the bar (inn?).


After players finish the quest and obtain the blueprint. Head inside your own room, and select the “build” icon.

NOTE: purchasing the seaside resort is only available to players who own a medium or large room.

Furniture Dying

Players can also dye their existing furniture. Talk to 龙芊’s maidservant located at the floor 1 of the inn.


From the same npc where you can obtain chests/furniture. You can also get a cute red fox pet.


Furniture Listing + Video



Not In Current Patch  (914):

3.Inside storehouse
4.Couple system
5.Sea view house
6.Dressing room
7.Housing Ranking reward
8.House owner image
9.House owner personal space entrace
10.Housing leisure game