Inner Demons


Player’s level 40 or above can team up (3-5) to face 6 inner demons[note: not western 7 sins, but the Eastern 6 Buddhist inner demons). This event is available every Sunday at 10:00-22:00. Players can register during the event’s time schedule.


Upon completion of their registration request, players have to head over to Immortal Apex to collect “Demon Arrest Token.” He will give you 15 tokens, so this daily can be completed 15 times a day.

During 10:00-11:00, 14:00-15:00, 17:00-18:00, 21:00-22:00, dimension seals will weaken and create dimension rifts between space and time. Players can enter the portals during the weakened state of the seals. Each of these portals represents one of the 6 major inner demons humans will have to conquer.

Each portal represents one of the 6 inner demons: abstinence, calm, intelligence, greed, rage, idiocy

[note: in the Buddhist moral belief, the 3 major devils are:  greed, rage, and idiocy. Abstinence, calm, and intelligence are use to counteract the three major devils.]

Each of the 6 inner demons have their own special dungeon to be cleared and conquered, as well as their own special boss.


There will be 3 monsters in the dungeon: RED, BLUE, and BLACK.

The floor will have floating orbs that rotates constants in RED, BLUE, and BLACK.

When the orbs touch you, your body will glow the color of that orb, and then you can attack the monster of the same color.

For example: Touch red orb > body glow red > attack red monster

Warning: the orbs will constantly move, if your color turn immediately swap to the correct colored monster.



Inside the dungeon, there will be a book in the center. Talk to the book and a boss will spawn. Boss will start flashing and constantly spamming attacks including AOEs and berserk status (without cooldown).

There will be 3 books spawned at the corner, 3 range dps are needed to talk to the book, to seal the boss’s skills. The boss should lure the boss into the center. The range dps stand near the spawn points of 3 books (healer dont go pick up book because healing is needed). When the boss reach 40% the boss will go back into Flashing status and start berserk again. The book will spawn, so have the dps start preparing to go near the books by 50%.



Upon entering the dungeon, you will notice the boss only have half of hp. The floor will spawn 2 types of monsters, grass roots, and wisdom roots [this is a Chinese word play, where wisdom roots signifies a person’s inborn/natural intelligence].

Attacking the grass roots will heal the boss. Attacking the wisdom roots will damage the boss. Have the tank lure the boss to a corner and prevent the boss from charging into grass roots that will heal it.



Just a regular boss fight. However! In the back of the boss, there is a treasure chest. If you open it, the boss will get mad and gain a buff. Opening the chest, will spawn a treasure hunter thief, which upon killing will drop imperial notes.



There is a small minion that constantly make fun of the demon bull boss. When the minion makes fun of the boss, the boss will gain crit buff. When the minion leaves, boss’s crit buff will disappear.



Upon entering, you will see two boss kissing each other. Due to fact you have distributed their romantic time together, they are greatly angered and plan on eliminating you so they can continue where they left off.

If the two bosses are next to each other, they will constantly heal each other. Lure the male to the corner and kill it.

Keep the female at the center and let it AOE (25 meter range).

note: the aoe skill name is: burn that single loner dog


Upon completing these dungeons, you will receive tokens. These tokens can either be traded in near the quest npc at immortal apex for gift boxes, or talk to the scrolls near him and put in your tokens.

These scrolls are server wide. If enough tokens are put into the scroll, there will unlock server bonuses and players are ranked server wide.