May Events

 Step by Step Crisis

May 16- May 26 (5441,-1969,9)

Naughty Eggys are being lazy again. We have to give them a little push by kicking them to the finish line. The eggy will be on a rainbow curve that twist and turn. Be careful not to kick the eggy off the rainbow, or you will have to restart. Upon entering, pick up the quest.

Revelation Gift Box

May 20th only. Pick up the gift from npc at Sulan, Sidus Ur, or Fort Whetstone. Can randomly drop a whale duo mount or 1288888 imperial note

Long Yue’s Gift Box

May 20th

At every full hour, Long Yue will spawn along with boxes near her. You have to spam ffffff around her (but more than 5 meters away) as you walk when the boxes start spamming. You can only turn in the boxes 5 times.

Egg Smashing 2.0

May 26 – June 9

location: (5441 -1969  9). Take the quest upon entering.

Player will control a cannon and egg filler machine. After the mini game started, the player needs to refill the egg and shot out the egg. Match the eggs color to destroy them.

The following eggs are special:

Sneak Attack Egg: after hitting, will randomly release 0-3 eggy toward finish line

Thick Skinned Egg: requires 2 attacks before running

Clone Egg: after hitting, will summon 3 eggs at fixed location

Landmine Egg: after hitting, player will be stunned for 3 seconds

Bomb Egg: after hitting, will destroy all eggs within 5 meters

Time Stop Egg: after hitting, all eggs stop moving