MH or ToP Trials

There seems to be too much debate lately regarding on what to do. I am now here to shed some light on this topic.

Below does not take into account of exp buffs, aptitude or what not. It is PURELY base exp.

At level 79:

16 waves of Misty Hollow: 119951、121750、127105、128956、132636、136368、138271、142081、144010、147898、149852、151807、153761、155716、157671、159625。

Total:2267458 xp

Top:  372554、186277 (adds of raccoon)、390949、404198、423344、437129、

Total: 2214451 xp

Difference: 53007



MH takes a minimum of 1.7x LONGER than ToP.

If your party have whales, MH will take 3x longer than ToP.


Time is money. You stick with ToP, unless your party is all undergeared. If someone in your party really want that extra 10-20k xp at lvl50, force that genius to go hunt field mobs.


Do not give the genius remark of “i got a lot of time.” It is always these geniuses who don’t do guild dailies such as bulletins, merchant runs, or run brothers daily. It is also always these geniuses who are poor because they aren’t using their time properly to farm.


TLDR: Do ToP. Don’t fight over some negligible xp at the expense of everyone’s time.


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