Revelation Online’s mount system is pretty easy to understand, basically there is 5 ranks (different from equipments, they have 6 ranks) and they are sorted through Green – Blue – Purple – Gold – Orange (sorted from worse to best). Refer to the table below for difference between each rank.


NOTE: Mounts can be enhanced using Mount essences. Higher ranking mounts will have higher maximum enhancement. However sometimes a different potential value which can over-ride these rank specific enhancement limitations. 12 enhancement is max at the point (for some mounts)

NOTE2: The “Potential Value” do not represent the number of seats, they represent the amount of times you can enhance the mount, similar how Tiers works for equipment.

NOTE3: There are some exceptions to the potential value. If there is an exception, they will have a potential value icon shown in the image with their enhancement value. (ex. some gold mounts have 0 possible enhancement).

We logged in into Chinese server and listed all mounts that were available in both game and original CN wiki. Note some mounts from CBT revelation were removed for release. You can see all the mounts sorted by rank down below. but before that. NOTE THAT THEY DON’T HAVE NAMES, we opted to not translate the name of every wing due to the fact that we the name is probally going to differ from the MY.COM translation by ALOT, we opted to leave it blank for the time being, but we will be changing once the translations are done aswell :).

Green Rank



Blue Rank



Purple Rank




Gold Rank Ground Mounts







Gold Rank Air Mounts


Gold Rank Water Mounts





Orange Rank


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    • This isn’t accurate.. the cross server mount is suppoes to be 50 people not 12 players unless i’m reading this wrong the moon mount is 2 people. I’ve seated on it. I’ve never seen the deer mount to seat 12 people in the air or even on ground it’s a 2 person mount.

      • The icon u see isnt seater. Its potential value. Its how many times u can enhance it. U know the bars at the top right in equipment. We didnt include seater data on the mounts since we had another priorities (we still have to finish all gold equipments for all classes) and because we are waiting for the official translation from MY.COM on CBT2/CBT3 to edit it, we plan to add that then 🙂

  • So is the cross-server whale reward mount based on ranking or is it only for leaders of winning guild? just gathering info regarding what might come in the U.S. version soon.

    • It is given to the winning guild of all the servers. Within that guild only selected players get the whale. We’not 100% sure how that works, but in CN the matches are broadcasted.

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