New Content

We are excited to share that Revelation Online CBT3 will increase level cap to level 69. With increased cap means increased content. We’re excited to share what’s new for all the players!

New Gear Slots/System


Talisman System

This is a new equipment slot. Under Character window.

Talisman includes 4 major ways of gameplay. : crafting, refining, evolution, awakening.

You will be able to get your first talisman by completing Tower of Pain challenge mode. You will need to get green leaf to craft the talisman

NPC  is right outside of entrance to tower of pain


Enhancement uses moonlight crystals. These special crystals will feed experience into the talisman.

Evolution: Once talisman reach a certain amount of growth and enhancement, they can be evolved.

Awakening:Upon unlocking specific requirement, talisman can be awakened which will unlock new stats and power.

Awakened stats can be enhanced using mooncrystals to reach their maximum potential.

Badge System:

The purpose of the badge system is to increase the 5 basic stats: int, spirit, dex, phy, str

These badges can be obtained through PvP and PvE dungeons.

Level one badges can be obtained through the Level1 Badge Chest. Higher level badges can be obtained by combining the lower level ones.

Badges can be purchased from demonslayer shop and PvP shop.

PvP shop.

Order of Guardian shop (demonslayer points) (Borfen Zur – Guardian Grocer)

These fragments need to be crafted into badges. Look for the npc Jela Jora (Sidus Ur | 1574, 1580, 183) to help craft these.

If you accidently craft the wrong badge, you can salvage these badges into fragments without any loss and recraft the badge you wish.

Marriage/Soulmate System

Upon reaching 3000 intimacy points, couples can officially become soulmates (no gender restriction!). After becoming soulmates, couples can use double hotspring cultivation, new hug emotes, and other couple related skills and benefits.

Upon reaching 3000 intimacy look for 若晴:

Please note, it takes 7 days to divorce your partner, and another 7 day before you can find a new soulmate. For a total for of 14 days if you want to get a new partner.

Becoming soulmates comes with the ceremony of course.

And of course there is costumes for the couple as well


Additions to Existing Dungeons

Misty Hollow

Misty Hollow now offers a 10 man raid difficulty mode at level 60. Veteran adventurers who have survived the level 45 version will find this new difficulty mode to be even more enjoyable!

Trial of Four Kings

This single player challenge now offer a level 55 version. Compete other players for ranking and limited time cosmetic accessories!

For more details check out Rain’s guide:

Additions to Scour Dungeons

For more details to Scour Dungeons and functions check out:

Oneiric Trials

2 New Floors have been added.

Mecha Citdel – Scour Dungeon

Protect the world from out of control robots while getting experience. This scour dungeon have 2 floors.

Adventurer’s Guild System

The adventurer’s guild periodically post quests on bulletins. Players level 50 or higher can register to be an adventure and pursue the dreams of being an S rank adventurer in the future. Doing adventure bulletin requests will reward players with exp, gythils, and adventure points needed to rank up. Not only that, B rank and S rank adventurers get their own costumes!

B Rank Adventurer

Rank S Adventurer

Faction Bulletin Requests

Similar to adventurer guild’s bulletin quests, players level 50 or above can accept these quests. Each individual region (faction) has their own as well. Check out region’s bulletin quests for it is limited to how many players can do them. These requests are refreshed periodically by the system.


Reason’s Grief

Player’s level 40 or above can team up (3-5) to face 6 sins. This event is available every Sunday at 10:00-22:00. Players can register during the event times. Upon completion of their registeration request, players are to head over to immortal apex to collect “demon arrest token.”

During 10:00-11:00, 14:00-15:00, 17:00-18:00, 21:00-22:00, dimension seals will weaken and create dimension rifts between space and time. Players are to enter the portal during these desalinated times.

Faerie Funland

Tired of questing, dungeons, and even killing players? No problem, the mischievous raccoon and fox races have created the faerie amusement park to entertain players with mini games while also earning great rewards.

Faerie Funland opens for business every Tuesday and Saturday at 6:00-23:30. Upon entering the map, please look for the raccoon to start the quest.

Players are to roll the dice to travel to the end point. On the board, there exists treasure spots, mission spots, and more upon landing them. You can purchase number cards to force a roll as well.

Four main types of tiles:

Trivia God

Do you have what it takes to be a scholar? Immortal Apex is hosting entrance exams every Sunday.

Trivia God (quiz event) every sunday: preliminary round starts at 9:00 – 18:00. Only top scoring players can participate in the final round at 18:10-18:30. System will mail all qualified players asking them to head over to testing grounds.

Ninefold Assault:

Every Wednesday 20:00-20:20 vicious monsters will invade from the rift. It is up to players to drive off these blood thirsty monsters and protect the peace once and for all. Portals will be opened all across the land during the event. The imperial capital will reward the bravest and most heroic players for their deeds. Ranking will be based on class.

New Dungeons

Grand Bulwark

Grand Bulwark continues the adventure left off at Deserted Shrine. Experience four new bosses with unique individual mechanics and attack patterns. Play through this dungeon in 4 difficulty modes:

Easy (lv50) daily entries: 2

Normal (lv52) daily entries: 1

Hard (lv55) daily entries: 1

Expert 10 man mode (lv55) weekly entries: 2.


Northern Wolf Child

Gohn & Samul


Earkus the Brutal (Transformed)

Mecha Citadel / Machinarium


What happens when machines try to take over the world? Well find out at Mecha Citadel! Machines have gone wild and now it is up to us to protect [not sure what the world is called in EN] and get some loot at the same time!

Mecha Citadel Exists in 5 Difficulties

Easy (lvl60) daily entries: 2

Normal (lvl60) daily entries: 2

Hard 10 man mode (lvl62) weekly entries: 2

Expert 10 man mode: weekly entries: 1

Expert 20 man mode: weekly entries: 1








Arch Mechanist

Tower of Pain

There are 7 floors of bosses to be completed. This is a 5 man party dungeon meant for testing your skills on bosses. If you think you and your friends are up for this challenge then head over here and compete against others in a rush against time to see who can clear these floors. Failure to complete the all the floors within 30 minutes will result a failure. The strong shall also be rewarded with fancy cosmetics.

Trial (lv50): daily entries: 1

Challenge (lvl59): weekly entries: 3

Hard (lvl60): weekly entries: 1



Elemental Brawler

Swift Ursid

Silver Moon

Divine Bloodhorn King

Scarlet Serpent

Silverback Vassal

Keeper Of the Sun



Pirate Treasure (Death Island)

Players above level 50 can team up with their guild and fight for treasures everyday at 19:00 – 24:00 server time. Fight off other guilds for treasure and rake points for that top spot guild.

3v3 Ranked Arena

This is a 3v3 arena that is ranked by seasons. Each season will consist of 3 months. Every day at 19:00-24:00 registration will be opened. Press H to register. In official release, top 16 teams will be invited to participate in a tournament style competition with brackets of 59, 69, and 79 at the end of each season. The tournament will be on broadcast. Ranking is based on rating:

1 star bronze: 800-899

2 star bronze: 900-999

3 star bronze: 1000-1099

1 star silver: 1100-1199

2 star silver: 1200-1299

3 star silver: 1300-1399

1 star gold: 1400-1499

2 star gold: 1500-1599

3 star gold: 1600-1699

1 star platinum: 1700-1799

2 star platinum: 1800-1899

3 star platinum: 1900-1999

1 star diamond: 2000-2099

2 star diamond: 2100-2199

3 star diamond: 2200-2299

Expert: 2300-2399

Sect Master (School Master): 2400-2499

Legend: 2500-2599

Battle God: 2600-2699

Divine Martial: 2700-9999

Death Match

Players above lvl40 can register for deathmatch 1v1 match Monday and Wednesday before 20:00. The matches start at 20:00.

Fight for honor and for bragging rights. And cosmetics.

Merchant System

Ever wonder what’s it like to be traders trading in the Silk-Road? Well now you can as well. Players who reach level 50 can apply to be a merchant across major cities. Players will purchase goods to be put on a carts and will have to sell these goods to another region. Keep in mind the price of these goods varies across region and changes as well. Each region will have their own goods and specialty for sale, and it is up to players which region of goods they want to buy and sell in. Higher level merchants will be able to load more goods into their cart. Note: all trades in this system are done in a separate currency (merchant coins). Also players can register to be a merchant at their guild base as well.

Faction War

Ever wonder what is going on with those Ursids and Wingars? Didn’t like the fact story just walked you through their conflicts and felt forced? Well now you can take part in their conflict by joining directly!

At level 40 you will receive the purple curiosity quest from [that human dude npc] asking you which side you wish to join.

Every Thursday and Sunday 19:45-21:00 the portal to the battlegrounds will be opened.

Gather points by killing players from the opposite faction, monsters, bosses, and gather resources to gather points. When players reach 50, 100, and 200 points, they will receive rewards for their effort.

Points system:

Boss: 10

Elite Monsters: 3

Monsters: 1

Players: 1

Gather resource: 5

Territory War

Ever want to be a landlord? Want to be a dictator? Want to rule a land? Now you can! Guilds can now fight for control. 9 regions will be available for control. How many land a guild can control is limited.

Territory war is available every Saturday 20:00-22:00. To join territory war, players just need to be at the region that is designated for clan war.

How can rulers protect these lands from hungry land grubbers? With turrets, gates, and other building structures!


Seal of Land- destroy this to remove the ownership of original land. Defending guilds will need to protect this structure with their life!

What better way to keep players out than with a wall?

Pests flying over your walls? Never fear, with this anti air missile, you can shoot down those pests!

Sneak attack from behind? Install these portal arrays to be able to teleport from place to place!

Those anti missiles is making your conquest hard? With these cannons you can blast down even any kind of wall a rich man can build! Or you can aim these cannons at some unsuspecting players instead…