Pack Update & Buying More Packs

Hey everyone, as you all know that recently the packs were updated giving all players who bought founder an deluxe packs the Blazing Sky wing and Imperial Aries mount (both god ranks) which are vastly superior than the original Seraphim wings and Golden War Horse mount (both blue rank). With the update, players are also now able to buy multiple packs on their account(s), if they wish to do so.

If you have already bought a founder/deluxe pack already, when you click on the buy founder pack link you show now be able to see this now. This means you will have the option to buy 5 more packs for this account.

You can access the homepage here:

Q: How many additional packs can I buy?

A: You can buy 5 additional packs; 6 packs all together including your first pack.

Q: Can I stack all the packs onto one character?

A: While you can stack multiple packs per account, you will only be able to use one founder pack per character this also applies to all benefits of the founder pack.

Q: Will I be able to upgrade my additional packs? Say I want to upgrade from founder to deluxe.

A: Unfortunately, currently the upgrade option is not available to those who already purchase the deluxe pack. You will need issue a refund first and then buy the higher pack.

Q: What are the benefits buying additional packs?

A: Each pack will give players at least a month’s worth of head-start. This will be really helpful if you planning on leveling more than one character. In additional, buying additional packs will now save you $4 ($4 Euros) per pack. Saving you $20 ($20 Euros) if you buy all 5 additional packs.

Original prices:

Additional pack prices:




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