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Revelation Online

Q&A Regarding Guild Alliances

Recently, we been asked a lot of questions regarding guild alliance so we decided to compile a list of the most commonly asked questions and the answers to them. What are Alliances? Alliances as the name applies is joint collaboration between guilds for mutual benefits. Alliances only come into effect during Territory Wars. Max number… read more »

Rain OBT Recruitment Post

Hello everyone, did you manage to reserve your nickname for OBT? Rain is recruiting active and dedicated players for OBT, we are seeking to enhance our game experience by interacting with more people and doing end-game content with them. The results for CBT3 territory wars and rankings were pretty satisfying, we want to keep this… read more »

Revelation Online Rain Status Updates

Hello everyone, I hope everyone enjoyed their CBT 3. As CBT 3 has come to an end, I want everyone to join our discord (click here) and stay in contact with us so we can join the same server. Also look forward to the name reservation announcement that is coming out soon. I wish everyone… read more »

Territory Names

Because the names of Lands are long and sometimes confusing, we decided to come up with some easy names for everyone in the guild to remember them by. Please make sure to memorize all these names before Territory War starts to ease communications. BLT (Bottom Left Turf) Iron Fortress BoxBox Fire (Magma Left) Ice (Frost… read more »