Q&A Regarding Guild Alliances

Recently, we been asked a lot of questions regarding guild alliance so we decided to compile a list of the most commonly asked questions and the answers to them.

What are Alliances?

Alliances as the name applies is joint collaboration between guilds for mutual benefits. Alliances only come into effect during Territory Wars.

Max number of Alliances?

Each guild can only have 1 Alliance at any one moment in time. Each guild can only have 2 ally guilds at any one moment. Therefore the idea of a “super alliance” with more than 3 guilds is not possible at the moment.If anyone tells you otherwise, they are lying.

Benefits of Alliance?

Being in Alliance simply means that during Territory Wars, your allies will appear as non-red (cannot be attacked by you and you cannot be attacked by them). Everyone else who is not part of the Alliance will still appear as red. No matter how hard you try to communicate with each other, its impossible to not get killed by friendly fire during TW if you are not part of the actual Alliance. If anyone tells you that its possible, they are lying.

Whether your so call “allies” help you or not during TW is totally up to them and you. Remember actions speak greater than words.

Do I get the same rewards as my allies?

No, the same rules of TW still applies with or without a Alliance. Only the guild who has control of the land at the end of TW will get rewarded, not the Alliance itself.  If anyone tells you otherwise, they are lying and please do not get fooled.

How to pick the right allies?

It’s highly recommended to pick ally guilds who have similar goals to your guilds and are roughly the same size as yours. Alliances are a joint effort between players and guilds. Alliances will only work if everyone is on equal footing.

Joining a Alliance costs a lot of guild funds. And Alliance leader can kick any Alliance guild without penalty. Therefore, make sure you are joining the right Alliance.

Where to get started?

Locate this npc at Sulan Elite Quarters.

You will be using this npc to create a Alliance, join a Alliance, and also view all current Alliances. Creating an Alliance requires guild resources. Creating and join a Alliance can only be done with the guild leader.




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