Scenery Chronicles


Scenery Chronicles is a system designed to help players immerse into historical lore, setting, and background of the game.

This system is very similar to the character biography system in that it also uses clues and requires players to gather clues and items.

This system can be accessed from the shortcut bars from the bottom.

Scenery Chronicles documents a player’s completion of scenery based on existing cities and locations.

Note the number 0/2 and 0/12 respectively above.

Note2: we should have more than 2 cities. The picture above only unlocked 2 cities.

UI Explanation and Gameplay

When you open the UI, you can select on the left side to select the cities.

The categories are separate into “history lore” and “treasure hunting.”

Historical lore requires players to go on an adventure to locate the npcs or objects that can help players understand the history.

Click on each of these items can also further give players more details.

On the above picture, the left side bar will give an introduction of the history. The right side bar will give the investigation procedures for it.


Every clue completion will reward players fame specific to the location of the scenery. Players will also receive adventurer fame [currently not out].

Depending on which clues are completed, adventure glossary will also be unlocked/background to provide players more background regarding revelation online.

For example, once you receive the adventure glossary, you can right click it to read and find out who is the number 1 adventurer. And also to find LongYue quit being an adventure just after 1 day for reason “boring, this mother won’t play anymore”

Sample Gameplay (unlocking adventurer’s glossary)

Follow the images below step by step. The coordinates are at the top right.

Sample Gameplay (port history stuff clue)

Try out the port’s historic scenery clues section.

Adventurer’s npc:


talk to the npcs here (must be in order). check for clue completion

After clue is completed head to 5984,-1650,31 and talk to the npc

5936,-1892,3 the last npc for completion of mission.

Should look like this.