Shadow Inner Demons


For level 45+ players and require a party of 3, and at max 5.

Every 30 minutes, shadow inner demons will spawn across all regions. This mode acts as a combination of PVE and PVP. What you will fight against is a copy of yourself.

The 3 major regions are:

  1. 汐语湾 (sea elf people area)、花海 (seaport?)、苏澜城郊 (sulan)
  2. 伞村 (mushroom people area)、灵墟 (darkfall area)
  3. 碧竹林 (bamboo village)、平海镇 (north of bamboo village area, but south of snowpine)、黑帝祭坛  (the area where you enter daily token quest)

Once you are at the area, look for the npc to start the event.

Note: this is first come first serve. You must be within the green circle to be selected. If multiple parties are in this circle when npc spawns, then system will randomly select one party. Party leader needs to talk to this npc, and system will random select one of the party member as shadow clone. You party will be teleported into dungeon once the leader talk to the npc.

This event is time based. You must delete the clones within the time limit. Parties who fail to clear within the time limit or got wiped, the next party will have the option to talk to the npc again to start the event.

Note: Observer mode is activated for this event. You can observe current party fighting the clones. This allow players to get ready to start the event in case the current party fails to complete the trials.

Limitations and Ranks:

You can challenge this event unlimited amount of time. However, you will only get rewards up to 5 times a day. Once you complete the trials and obtain the chest, this will count as 1 entry.

Shadow Inner Demons have ranks. In order for you to challenge higher rank shadow inner demons, the party leader must clear the previous rank. For example to challenge rank 3, party leader must clear rank 2.

By Press U, players can see how many entries they currently have, and what rank they can challenge. (2nd number is the rank)