Revelation Online’s wing system is pretty easy to understand. Basically there are 5 ranks (different from equipment, they have 6 ranks) and they are sorted by Green – Blue – Purple – Gold – Orange (sorted from worst to best). I’ll post a table to show the exact differences between each rank.

NOTE: I recommend to only enhance purple or higher since blue/green upgrades are not that noticeable either way (doesn’t affect that much). Also purple wings are not that difficult to obtain and wing enhancement is not transferable like gear enhancement. One good way to get Orange wings is the founders pack. The founders pack includes Seraphim Wings (Golden Rank) and you are pretty much set with these wings.

NOTE: The translation will differ from Guide was written during cbt1 when most of the things are untranslated. Priority is low in regards to editing in the names.

NOTE 2: Wings can be enhanced using wing essences. Higher ranking wings will have higher maximum enhancement. However, sometimes a wing can be a “wing icon” at the bottom which can over-ride these rank specific enhancement limitations. 12 enhancement is max at this point.


Crafting Wings

Where To Craft

You can craft your Wings at Wing Master Itaxstu Rosta in Sidus Ur [1463, 1275, 110].

What Materials Are Needed

I will list the basic materials needed for Wings. Please know that some Wings require more materials than what I list. There are not many of these Wings that require the extra materials.

Fine Feather

Morph Featherstone

How To Get The Materials

Fine Feather Location

You can go to the Boutiq merchant and purchase boxes that can give you crafting materials and a chance for Wings! The crafting materials in these boxes are your Fine Feathers. Make sure to purchase the Spirit Feather Box because there is also one for mounts. These boxes are also available in the RO Cash Shop! Try to test your luck and get the Wings that you want by purchasing these boxes! If you are bound by fate you will even encounter the Divine Heavenly Angel Wings from these special boxes. For a guide about Boutiq go here [Boutiq Guide].

Note 1: Purchasing the boxes from the Cash Shop has a chance to for you to obtain a Divine Wings.

Note 2: You can also get crafting materials from salvaging Wings you don’t want anymore.

You can also get Fine Feathers from Tower Of Pain dungeon [Press Ctrl O or O → Instance → Raid: Tower Of Pain].

Or you can travel there yourself [Gnarled Corpse: -1341, 3164, 0].

Morph Featherstone Location

You need to visit the Wing Merchant and purchase the Morph Featherstone for 100,000 Gyth Notes [Sulan: 5379, -1399, 10], [Sidus Ur: 1469, 1290, 110].


Once you maxed out your wing’s exp bars by using Fine Feathers, you will now have the option to Advance it (unlocking its final bar).

To find your way to the Advancement UI, first go to your Character screen (press C). Then find the magnifying glass icon next to your Wings slot and and press it.

Then click on the Advancement tab on the bottom.

Once you have collected the required # of Fine Feathers and the correct Featherstone corresponding to the grade of Wings you are advancing, click the Advancement tab on the bottom. Congratulations, your wings are now able to reach even greater heights than ever before. Additional effects that were once locked will be unlocked for your wings.


Lastly, you will finally be able to do this. Simply do a Lover’s Lift first then click mount wings. Take your love to new heights like never before.

Green Rank


Blue Rank

Purple Rank


Gold Rank



Orange Rank



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  • Could you explain this a bit more? I don’t really understand how to upgrade my wings if I do get wing essences, or even if I should. For example, should I try to upgrade Green Wings if I get them or wait for Purple/ Gold (outside of cbt) . I seem to remember getting a bunch of feathers but never knew what to do with them, were they for crafting wings vs upgrading? I love the that this post showed me what is available but I would also love a bit more practical advise also. Thanks in advance

    • Thank you for your reply, it is a really good question you came up with and other people might have been wondering that aswell. I will even add this somewhere on the page.
      I recommend to only enhance purple or higher since blue/green upgrades is not that noticeable either way (doesn’t affect that much) and because purple wings are not that difficult to obtain, also because wing enhancement is not transferable like gear enhancement. One good way is getting the founder packs and get a Seraphim Wings (Golden Rank) and you are pretty much set.

  • How many fine feathers do you get on average for each run (Tower of Pain)? I really like the red/orange glowing wings you can craft using ~600 fine feathers, but I am curious how much time it will take me to get these (f2p user).

    • Its really rare to get it from Tower of Pain, you have a chance of getting a wing that you can salvage for Fine Feathers (i believe its around 100+, will edit once i find the right amount of feathers)

      • Rare as in 1 every 100 runs ? And do I understand this correctly; you can only get wings as a drop but no fine feathers ? Thank you again for your help =] !

        • Yes you get the wings from the Silvermoon boss, i would say it has less than 5% chance of getting it, i am not sure about drop rates, sorry :/

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